“One of the fastest rising stars on the Twin Cities jazz scene…Katia Cardenas is a young but veteran vocalist who can cover Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, yet is equally adept at modern folk/pop/blues. This is no surprise given her background in music since early childhood.”

- Andrea Canter, Jazz Police - January 2016

"You have to be on your game to stay true to the lyrics, the melody, the meaning, and then add your own personality to the performance. I listened deeply from start to finish, and I can honestly say that this artist, this interpreter of song, is one you won’t forget. Katia is the real deal, and will leave you wanting to hear more." - Patty Peterson, Twin Cities Jazz Icon - January 2017

"Katia Cardenas has long since been embraced by elders and peers alike. This is due mostly to raw talent, but she has an affability and charm that is impossible to resist. Katia is that rare jazz vocalist who can scat and bop with the best, but also knows a good pop tune or two. It’s called working the crowd!"- Kevin O'Connor, Host at Jazz 88/KBEM 88.5 FM - December 2017"Katia is an artist who uses her skill and voice in the service of emotion and feeling. This, for me, is what makes performance compelling. I have seen talented artists that didn't move me emotionally, and artists like Katia transcend that. Her voice, skill and presence bring a song into full bodied aliveness in the room."- Khary Jackson, Twin Cities Poet & Musician - June 2018“Katia Cardenas has the pipes to get over an R&B tune, but also has the instincts and subtlety to handle jazz standards.” - Larry Englund, Rhythm & Grooves music blog - December 2015"Don't miss her dynamic, beautiful and nuanced performances..."- Matt Blum, host of "For The Love of Vinyl" Podcast - May 2016"Katia Cardenas is a beautiful soul. And beautiful souls deserve a larger voice - wait, she already has that"- Steve Peterson, Twin Cities Music Photographer - June 2015"It’s fair to say that, after hearing Katia’s recording, as well as her live performances, people will want to hear more... Throughout the album, with her clean articulation, Katia indeed convinces the listener that these songs, these lyrics, are important to her, and should be to the rest of us... It does succeed as a validation of her personal commitment to her music, as a document of her current skill and repertoire, as a launching point for what comes next."

- Andrea Canter, Jazz Police (CD Review of "I'll Be Seeing You") - June 2016


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Feature in the Latino American Today, Cloud Santiago - December 2017

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Feature in the Villager Newspaper, Larry Englund - June 2016 (Read below)

Photo Credit: Rebecca Zenefski

Printed In St. Paul Villager June 8, 2016; Photo Credit Rebecca Zenefski